The 2019 Giveaway – Win A Gaming Chair, GFUEL, & More!

As you well know, we are big fans of giveaways. Our community and supporters played a big role in our success and we always want to give back to you. MOBILE E-SPORTS® is proud to announce The 2019 Giveaway which includes an E-WIN Racing Gaming Chair! There will be 5 winners in total. The Grand Prize Winner receives a GFUEL Tub & Shaker, an E-WIN Racing Gaming Chair, a MGC Valor Gaming Case, 3 bottles of Gamer Goo, and a Mystery Prize that will be revealed shortly before announcing the winners! The 4 Runner-Up Winners will receive a GFUEL Summer Daze Starter Kit, E-WIN Tablet Stand, Gamer Goo Trio Pack, and a $10 Gift Card.

Click here to visit our Gleam page in order to participate. In case you forgot what prizes are at stake, we have discussed them below. We wish everyone the best of luck.

Partners’ Products Explained:

Gamma Labs is our long time partner and is considered to be one of the most influential companies in the gaming industry. Their products are designed to energise gamers and non-gamers with their sugar-free delicious GFUEL drink. You can visit them at

Mobile Gaming Corps is a new company that is changing the way you play mobile games. With their new MGC Valor Case line, gamers can interact with a game ergonomically while having their devices protected. You can visit them at

Gamer Goo is quite a fascinating company that is helping gamers become more accurate and reliable during gaming. Gamer Goo eliminates sweaty palms for up to 4 hours, allowing gamers to play long hours without any interference. You can visit them at

E-WIN Racing is a new sponsor of ours that has introduced fascinating quality products at affordable prices. Their Gaming Chair is designed to provide comfort and stability. Also, their Tablet Stands are quite impressive as they allow you to use your device hands-free. You can visit them at

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

GFUEL Tub & Shaker
MGC Valor Gaming Case
Gamer Goo – 3 Bottles
E-WIN Racing – Gaming Chair
Mystery Prize

4 Runner Up Winners Receive:

GFUEL Summer Daze Starter Kit
E-WIN Tablet Stand
$10 Gift Card
Gamer Goo Trio Sample Pack