Warfield: A Competitive Esports 2D Shooter

A new game has caught our attention and we have partnered with the developers to turn this competitive title into a full esports experience. Warfield is an online multiplayer 2D shooter that was developed by Codematic Systems. This game is extremely entertaining and designed to challenge mobile gamers that are looking to excel in their gaming skills.

Warfield places you in a futuristic battlefield where you demonstrate your skills in speed, accuracy, and strategy. There is a massive arsenal of weaponry to use in order to dominate your opponents. There are three different character classes that you can choose from, each class features its own special abilities. There is the Marine, Sniper, and Medic. Each character comes with special weapons, abilities, and gameplay style.

The game allows you to create matches and join matches either by inviting one another or via a room ID number that you can share with your friends which simplifies the process. There is also a spectator mode for tournament organisers, an important aspect of any esports game.

We have been working closely with the developers to transform Warfield into a mobile esports title. You can also find our own themed weapon skins in the game which you can purchase. In the Marine class, there is the A31 Fireball weapon which has our MOBILE E-SPORTS skin and can be purchased for $1.99. In the Sniper class, there is the Longbow D7 weapon which also has our MOBILE E-SPORTS skin and can be purchased for $1.99.

Both of these weapons are powerful and you look better killing your opponents when having the official MOBILE E-SPORTS skin. Why you might ask? Because when you kill an opponent, they see the weapon that they got killed by and we must admit that the MOBILE E-SPORTS skin looks glorious! Keep in mind that purchasing any of these skins supports us and our work, which is greatly appreciated.

Finally, click here to download the game for free on your App Store or Google Play. Once you download it you can learn how to play it via the tutorial. Then create an account to keep your progress saved. Make sure you play a lot and practice because tournaments will be coming soon. We hope you enjoy.