Warfield: Get The New MOBILE E-SPORTS Skin For Free

We have been working closely with the developers of Warfield in order to have it become a mobile esports experience. Since the game has been released, it has been improved immensely and now includes amazing features that makes it fun and competitive. We are very proud to work with Codematic Systems because they are a hardworking team and we always support the hardworking developers in the mobile gaming community.

Just recently, in partnership with Codematic Systems, we have released a new and free MOBILE E-SPORTS Skin to Warfield. The skin can be found on the main weapon called the Carb-75. Simply go to ”Loadouts” and then tap on the weapon to enter its customisation section. Make sure you have the Carb-75 selected and on the bottom you will see our MOBILE E-SPORTS Skin. Simply select it and tap ”Unlock.” This will allow you to claim it for free!

Be sure to play with the official MOBILE E-SPORTS Skin and we hope you enjoy doing so. Finally, click here to download the game for free from your App Store or Google Play if you don’t have it. We are looking forward to introduce more skins in the near future so keep an eye out for them as well. Happy gaming!