G FUEL The Juice – Inspired By xQc

You may think that you have an idea of how fruits from the jungle taste like but we are here to inform you that there is a secret formula devised by G FUEL & xQc which resulted in The Juice, a mind-blowing energy drink blended from certain jungle fruits that will turn you to the ultimate gamer.

For those of you not familiar with xQc, he is a professional streamer and a Luminosity gaming star called Felix Lengyel. Aged 25 years old, he has already become one of the most watched streamers on Twitch with over 8 million followers. He rose to prominence due to his experetise in Overwatch and has now become a gaming star in Luminosity Gaming, one of the leading esports organisations in North America.

The Juice is a fascinating product that is based on jungle fruits selected by xQc and perfected by G FUEL. This delicious flavor is a perfect addition to have for the summer which will soon dawn upon us.

It is sold as a G FUEL Tub at the price of $35.99 & comes in a Collectors Box at the price of $39.99. We recommend that you get the Collectors Box because it is a limited edition and comes with The Juicer Shaker Cup. The Collectors Box is the more economical choice since you get the Shaker Cup cheaper than its usual price. At the moment, the Collectors Box is out of stock but keep an eye out in case it is back because they are bought very quickly.

“There’s no question that xQc has The Juice. He’s easily one of the world’s most entertaining gamers and content creators to watch,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “We’re excited to take our partnership with xQc to another level and introduce our fans to a new refreshing flavor that’s inspired by xQc’s favorite fruits from the jungle.”

At the moment, there is a Giveaway available on Twitter & Instagram where two winners on each platform can win The Juice Collectors Box. Click here to visit G FUEL’s giveaway post on Twitter and click here to visit the post on Instagram. Look for the giveaway post and follow instructions to participate.

Here’s why you should get the G FUEL’s The Juice flavor in the first place, G FUEL is an Energy Formula that was designed to increase focus and concentration. Its formula consists of natural ingredients that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

This product contains 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts, and features the perfect combination of vitamins such as C, E, B12, and B6. In addition, it only has 15 calories and 140 mg of caffeine. So if you are looking for the healthiest drink on the market, this is your first choice.

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