MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot – The New Credits System

We have been organising tournaments since 2015, and we learned so much throughout the years. We molded our knowledge and experience into the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot. Our bot organises tournaments efficiently and is not used by us only but by countless other organisers as well. Today, we want to introduce a new feature that was just introduced into our bot, the new Credits System.

The Credits System is integrated into our tournaments and community events. Skilled players who participate in any of our tournaments receive a certain amount of credits. The amount of credits that players will receive will be found in the tournament prize pool when a tournament is announced. These credits are extra and will be in addition to other prizes that we usually add such as cash prizes.

Now that we discussed the credits, let’s discuss what you can do with these credits. The credits will be yours to spend in our Credits Shop. We already have available on it products and gift cards that you can buy. More products and items will be added in the coming months too.

How can you interact with the Credits System? It is very simple and we will provide for you below the commands and explanations for it.

Credits System
Welcome to the Credits Shop. You can spend your earned credits here to purchase products. You earn credits by being a top player in tournament matches. Whenever you receive credits, you will be notified by the bot via DM. You can see the commands for the Credits System by typing /credits.
You can view available products via /credits shop. To purchase one of the products, use /credits purchase #. (# is the number of the product.)
During the purchase, the bot will request necessary data such as your address or e-mail from you, depending on the type of product. Afterwards, we will verify your data and the bot will notify you whether your request has been confirmed or denied.
Depending on your location and the type of product, it may take several weeks to ship the product to you. All requests will be processed within 2-3 business days.

Interested to check this new feature out? As a player, this is a great system to earn credits from our tournaments and to spend them in the shop. To be eligible for credits, you need to ensure that your username is set correctly in the bot system.
Finally, if you happen to be an organiser then you can invite our bot to your Discord server by clicking here. However, to gain access to the organiser features, you need to contact us so we can give you approval. Feel free to reach us at our Discord Chat via the #support channel or by emailing us at Once we do give you access to the organiser features, organising a tournament becomes very simple. Watch the video announcement below for more details.