Critical Ops: The Fireteams Tournament – Round 2

The Fireteams Tournament has matched up 64 teams against one another leading to 32 matches in Round 1. Now, this round is over with 32 teams advancing to Round 2. So what can we expect in this round? Read this article to learn all about it, including the stream dates & times.

Tournament Settings
  • Tournament: Round 2
  • Teams: 64 Teams Selected
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prizes: $500, Special Weapon Skin, MOBILE E-SPORTS Emblem, In-Game Credits, GFUEL Products, 500 MES Credits & Record In Hall of Fame.

Round 2 will be streamed on Saturday & Sunday. We have provided several options for the teams to choose from. So far, teams have confirmed their matches for Saturday (November 14th) & Sunday (November 15th). The time slots for the stream on Saturday have already been filled so we will share with you the schedule below. Stay tuned for any updates on the Sunday stream schedule as we update it on this page.

The Fireteams Tournament Schedule

Saturday (November 14th) – Starting 10:20 AM Pacific Time

  • 10:20 AM Pacific Time – Match 1: ScionX vs eXtreme Gaming
  • 11:00 AM Pacific Time – Match 2: Team Unity vs Bless
  • 11:45 AM Pacific Time – Match 3: Versail vs MyThic Team

Sunday (November 15th) – Starting 12:20 PM Pacific Time

  • 12:20 PM Pacific Time – Match 1: TBD
  • 01:00 PM Pacific Time – Match 2: TBD
  • 01:45 PM Pacific Time – Match 3: EclEsports vs Tyranny

As more teams confirm the timing that they want to play on for Sunday, this schedule will be updated. However, we can confirm that this live stream will start this Saturday at 10:20 AM Pacific Time and this page will have an update on Sunday’s stream soon.

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel at Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel. Some matches that are not live-streamed will be recorded as videos and uploaded to the same channel.

Round 2 Analysis

After two weeks of stunning gameplay, our next stop is at Round 2. This is where the real fun begins with games that are expected to go beyond everyone’s expectations. Prepare yourself for some nail-biting gameplay which will soon be displayed on streams by some of the most experienced teams and players. Let’s take a look at some of the matchups that are expected to be quite competitive and that will surely be full of intensity.

Elevate NA vs Amplified is a match where both teams are full of prodigies who together have put up incredible results. Amplified is a team that has consistently been proving to everyone what they are capable of. With high expectations from the community their potential, it will be very interesting to see how Amplified manage against Elevate NA, one of the most dominating teams in the North American region.

X6Tence vs Hammers is another interesting match that will be a good spectacle for the viewers. It will be entertaining to see how X6Tence adapts to their opponent’s strategic play-style and how they will prepare for their game against Hammers, one of the most dominant North American teams in the mobile scene.

2EZ4 vs Victorious Empire features clans that carry a big reputation in the Critical Ops community. It will be very interesting to see how both of them decide to approach this match as they are very well informed of their opponents’ gaming style. We will have to see how this one unfolds.

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