Critical Ops: The Fireteams Tournament – Round 3

From Round 1 to Round 2, and now we arrive at Round 3. That’s right, 64 teams have come down to the top 16 teams. The matches are going to become even more competitive because from this round onwards, all matches will be based on a BO3 format with exception of the Finals. With this new format, different teams will have a fair chance to play on their own server. This article will give you a detailed description on what to expect.

Tournament Settings
  • Tournament: Round 3
  • Teams: 64 Teams Selected
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prizes: $500, Special Weapon Skin, MOBILE E-SPORTS Emblem, In-Game Credits, GFUEL Products, 500 MES Credits & Record In Hall of Fame.

We have provided several dates and times for the teams to choose from. So far, some teams have confirmed their matches for Friday (November 20th) & Sunday (November 22nd). The time slots for the stream on Friday and Sunday have been filled so we will share with you the schedule below. Stay tuned for any updates on the stream schedule as we update it on this page as more teams confirm the times.

The Fireteams Tournament Schedule

Friday (November 20th) – Starting 04:00 PM Pacific Time

  • 04:00 PM Pacific Time – ElevateNA vs Tyranny (BO3)

Sunday (November 22nd) – Starting 10:20 AM Pacific Time

  • 10:20 AM Pacific Time – eXtremeGaming vs VeZoClan (BO3)
  • 11:40 AM Pacific Time – Xenocide vs IFL (BO3)

Monday (November 23rd) – Starting 04:30 PM Pacific Time

  • 04:30 PM Pacific Time – Hammers vs Bless (BO3)

As more teams confirm the timing that they want to play on for Round 3, this schedule will be updated. However, we can confirm that the earliest match, so far, will be live streamed this Friday at 4:00 PM Pacific Time and this page will have an update on upcoming streams soon.

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel at Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel. Some matches that are not live-streamed will be recorded as videos and uploaded to the same channel.

Round 3 Analysis

With the arrival of Round 3, only the best teams across the world remain. We can assure you entertaining and prodigious gameplay with the upcoming match-ups. To ensure a fair competition, Round 3 and onwards will be based on a BO3 format where each team chooses the server they want to play on and the team with the better W/L Ratio (round difference) of the 2 matches will choose the final server. We find this format to be fair and competitive since the team with the better W/L Ratio earned the opportunity to choose the final server.

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To start, let’s take a look at the North American scene, a region that is full of competitive teams.
IFL will be facing Xenocide in a competitive BO3 that will keep us all on the edge of our seats. Both teams are constantly trying to impose their dominance as they are both placed in the Top 10 on our Bot System in terms of K/D Ranking for the Critical Ops: Fireteams Tournament. It will be a very alluring game to watch and interesting to see how both teams have prepared for this critical game. Regarding predictions, it would honestly be anyone’s game but a very close game would be a plausible prediction! Even by looking at the stats, they are almost equal with IFL holding a 1.5 KD ratio while Xenocide slightly ahead with a 1.59 KD ratio.

Another match to keep an eye out for is Hammers vs Bless.
Hammers is definitely going into this game with a huge mental advantage, knowing that they are popular among the NA community, and their skills might give Bless a difficult time. Despite constant meritorious wins, Hammers has lost in the past. Perhaps, if Bless can circumvent Hammers’ unique strategy on the coalition side, they might succeed. Every player in Bless will definitely have to step up and play at their best to come out victorious in this brutal battle. So far, Hammers secured a 2.39 KD Ratio, ranking as the 3rd top team on the leaderboards, in comparison to Bless’ 1.16. Will Bless be able to come with the strategy and team synergy to counter Hammers? We will find out soon enough.

Moving on to the European scene or the CIS scene to be more precise, Team Reign will be taking on their former academy team, 2EZ4.
Despite Team Reign’s popularity in the Critical Ops community, 2EZ4 has managed to put up incredible results recently which will cause Team Reign to reconsider taking a more serious approach going into this game. Predictions wise, Team Reign may have the experience advantage but stats-wise, 2EZ4 has a KD ratio of 2.18 in comparison to Team Reign’s 1.34. Not only that, based on our leaderboards, 2EZ4 ranks as the 4th team with the highest KD ratio out of the 64 teams that started in this tournament. Stats do not give you the whole picture, many other factors will be at play but it does give Team Reign a reason to take their opponent more seriously than they originally did.

This next game, featuring an Asian and a European team taking on each other will unquestionably excite a lot of people. CsPG Saints vs Elevate, both teams have recently crossed each other’s path in the G FUEL Mobile World Cup where CsPG Saints managed to take the edge winning 2-1. This match will be one of the most interesting game displayed as it will be interesting to see how each team adapts to their opponent’s server. The outcome for this game is equivocal with both team having an equal chance of winning. It is important to add that as of now, Elevate enters this match with a KD ratio of 2.08 while CsPG Saints come with a 1.4.

Sponsors & Partners

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