MOBILE E-SPORTS: Introducing Our New Web App

For the last 7 years that we have been involved with mobile esports tournaments, we have learned a lot and managed to improve the way we organise tournaments as efficiently as possible. That was why we introduced our bot system back in 2017. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest project that we have been working on, the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Web App.

What does the web app mean for teams and players? It means that things just got a whole lot easier! You don’t have to be on Discord to register your team or sign up for a tournament, you just need to be signed in with a Discord account. In fact, it operates as a standalone application that is connected to the bot’s database. Moreover, it includes new leaderboards for teams and players. Curious to know where you stand in the ranking? Go find out!

You can view registered teams, their achievements, and just about anything you can think of from tournament information to the participants involved. If you have never been a fan of Discord and that prevented you from signing up for tournaments via the bot then now you have another option to sign up and manage your team through.

Visit to visit the new MOBILE E-SPORTS® Web App. Feel free to sign up if you haven’t done so on our bot before or simply sign in with your Discord and you will see your existing profile that you have on the bot system. Now, you can also add information about yourself as a player for casters to know you better. Be sure to watch the intro video of our exciting web app below.