Critical Ops Circuit: Season 5 – Register Now

The time has come for Circuit: Season 5, a tournament of vital importance for the Critical Ops eSports scene. It will determine which teams will end up being invited to Critical Ops Worlds, the much anticipated finale of the year. Do you believe your team can live up to the challenge? This is your chance to prove it to the world.

We have partnered with Critical Force to direct Circuit and we welcome you to learn more about it and to sign up for it. From August to September, Main Tournament #1 will take place consisting of 16 teams per region (NA, SA, EU, ASIA). Following its conclusion, Main Tournament #2 will continue from September until October. The top 4 teams with the highest points will advance to their region’s final bracket and battle it out in the Final Tournament where the higher you rank, the better rewards you pocket.

Each main tournament will start with 64 teams competing to qualify for the top in a 5vs5 single elimination bracket. Not only are you fighting for prizes and glory, but also for points that will be essential for you to be among the top teams that will make it to the Critical Ops Worlds Tournament.

Registration for Circuit: Season 5 can be done through our Web App which you can visit by clicking here. Alternatively, you can sign up via our MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot system in the following Discord servers:

Finally, this tournament is the prelude for bigger things to come. As of now, Critical Ops Worlds will be the biggest and most important tournament in the game’s history, one that you don’t want to miss out on. Be part of Circuit: Season 5 and your team might just be the one that will advance to the grand show of the year. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to sign up for any tournament via the MOBILE E-SPORTS Web App.