Critical Ops: The Zuvvii Tournament – Register Now

We have teamed up with Zuvvii to launch the Zuvvii Tournament featuring Critical Ops as the battleground for this competition. This Tournament will feature 8 Critical Ops teams  from the EU region to compete against one another for amazing prizes. Does your team have what it takes? Register now to find out.

Tournament Settings
  • Starting Oct 23rd
  • Registration Ends: Oct 21st at 8 PM CET
  • Teams: 8 Teams Selected
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prize: $200, 1,600 In-Game Credits, MES Credits

In this tournament, 8 teams will be selected to participate in a 5vs5 format. The top team will receive $200, 1,000 credits, and 50 MES Credits for 5 of their players. The 2nd ranking team will receive 600 credits, 25 MES Credits for 5 of their players. Round 1 starts on Oct 23rd with off-stream matches, the Semi Finals will be live-streamed on Oct 29th, and the Finals live-streamed on Oct 30th. Live-streams will be at approximately 4 PM CET.

Team captains must be aware of our Rules & Regulations. Any form of cheating or rule breaking will be penalized & we highly advise that team captains read all of our rules and explain the rules to their team members because this is the responsibility of the team leaders or captains.


Be sure to sign up for Critical Ops: Zuvvii Tournament through our Web App which you can visit by clicking here. Alternatively, joining our Discord Chat. Once you are there, visit the #bot-channel room, type /apply and select the Zuvvii tournament from the menu. If you haven’t registered to our bot system yet then you can do so by typing /register and then you can see commands on how to create your team by typing /commands.

If you have applied, and want to update your tournament roster, use the /apply command again. Once the tournament has started, you wont be able to change it anymore. For this tournament, you can sign up with at least 5 players or more. Finally, make sure to read our Rules & Regulations regarding this tournament before you start playing.

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel.

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Twitter: @eSports_Mobile

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