The MOBILE E-SPORTS Shaker Cup – Help Us Make It A Reality

We recently wrote an article about the G FUEL Madness Contest which we are participating in. It started with 64 G FUEL partners, with us included. We won Round 1 and advanced to Round 2 where 32 partners remained in the competition. With your help, we managed to win and advance to Round 3 where 16 participants now remain. The #1 winner of this contest will receive $3500 and their own branded shaker cup and here’s how we can win. Continue reading

The G FUEL Contest – Here’s How You Can Support Us

As you know by now, we have been partners with G FUEL since 2017. They have supported our tournaments and the mobile esports industry for a long time. Now, G FUEL has selected 64 of their partners, including us, to participate in the G FUEL Madness Contest. The winner of this contest receives $3,500 + Branded Shaker Cup. If we win this money, it goes without saying that we will use it to invest as prize pool into the next tournaments. Continue reading

G FUEL RTD – Black On Blackberry Cans Are Now Available

Last year, G FUEL surprised the world with their new approach towards canned energy drink products. With their new G FUEL RTD (Ready-To-Drink) line, they successfully produced the healthiest, canned energy drink product in the market. The G FUEL RTD products were first introduced with four popular flavors: Blue Ice, FaZeberry, Rainbow Sherbet, and Sour Cherry. And now, a new and highly requested flavor has been released. Continue reading

Our Story With G FUEL

When we launched our MOBILE E-SPORTS® initiative in 2015, we did it out of passion for mobile gaming and the competitive community. We were gamers ourselves, attracted to mobile games since their dawn on the platform. After we organised and launched our first mobile esports tournament, it was the biggest then; with several brands, sponsors and developers supporting it. At the time, 64 teams joined our first tournament and by the end of the tournament, it was a clear success. Continue reading