D2R Mystic vs Gankstars: A Preliminary Analysis

Let’s start with, if you haven’t seen the Semi-Finals of the Art of Warfare yet then you should go and watch it. The matches were competitive and so many surprising moments occurred that are too good to miss out on. To summarize the Semi-Finals, Gankstars dominated in their matches against WinX and D2R Mystic initially struggled against Nemesis but ended it with a flawless victory. So many factors from these matches can be signs of who might win the Finals between D2R Mystic and Gankstars. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The G FUEL Tournament – The Finals Roadmap

Now that Round 1 & the Semi-finals of the Critical Ops G FUEL Tournament have concluded, two talented teams are destined to face each other in the Finals. The Finals will be based on Best of 5 format and we will have it live-streamed on January 13th at 10 AM Pacific Time. With the last two teams being GankStars and Nova Esports, it is impossible to predict how this tournament will end. There is only one way to find out which team is the best of them all and that’s what this tournament has been designed to achieve. Continue reading

The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – GankStars

Since their humble beginnings at the dawn of 2015, GankStars quickly stole the spotlight with their professionalism, teamwork, and expertise. Their rise to fame began in Vainglory where they demonstrated a unique approach to the MOBA game. It all began when friends came together, created a guild, and decided that more can be achieved if they worked hard enough and stuck together. Despite many ups and downs GankStars experienced since then, they still placed in the top 3 during every Vainglory competitive season to date, including the coveted World Champions title.
Continue reading