The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – GankStars

Since their humble beginnings at the dawn of 2015, GankStars quickly stole the spotlight with their professionalism, teamwork, and expertise. Their rise to fame began in Vainglory where they demonstrated a unique approach to the MOBA game. It all began when friends came together, created a guild, and decided that more can be achieved if they worked hard enough and stuck together. Despite many ups and downs GankStars experienced since then, they still placed in the top 3 during every Vainglory competitive season to date, including the coveted World Champions title.

GankStars has long been a solid barrier between victory and defeat for teams that played them. As soon as they joined the Critical Ops NA Qualifier, news spread of powerful teams lengthening their training sessions. Ultimately, it is the player that makes an organization famous, but GankStars’ credit is in finding the right players and helping them attain their peak ability. Preferring actions to words, GankStars are the only eSports organization to have a top 3 team in North America as well as a top 3 team in Europe this Autumn 2016 season.

Will GankStars live up to their name in Critical Ops? The FPS and MOBA genres are certainly different, and GankStars will have to prove that their management, coaching, and player selection skills are universal enough to make a difference in whichever game they participate in. One thing is certain, however, you’ll need a lot of popcorn this season to follow all the action. Speaking of following, click here to visit their official website or here to follow them on Twitter.

To read GankStars’ announcement about their entry into Critical Ops, click here.

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