D2R Mystic vs Gankstars: A Preliminary Analysis

Let’s start with, if you haven’t seen the Semi-Finals of the Art of Warfare yet then you should go and watch it. The matches were competitive and so many surprising moments occurred that are too good to miss out on. To summarize the Semi-Finals, Gankstars dominated in their matches against WinX and D2R Mystic initially struggled against Nemesis but ended it with a flawless victory. So many factors from these matches can be signs of who might win the Finals between D2R Mystic and Gankstars.

Gankstars is a popular esports organisation that has been in the industry for years and has participated in our tournaments before. They are quite organised and provide important team support and guidance to their players. Recently, they acquired the USSR Team in Forward Assault, a team that already consists of strong players from Team Prime. So we are looking at experienced players in Forward Assault that are supported by a prominent organisation.

Before the Semi-Finals, the Gankstars team had a Matches Ratio of 3.82 and KD Ratio of 1.44. However, these stats increased after the Semi-Finals due to their impressive performance. Now, their Matches Ratio stands at 3.94 and KD Ratio at 1.45. We can see that their team performance as a whole is improving.

D2R Mystic is one of the first powerful teams in Forward Assault and has maintained its reputation as a dominant team for a very long time. Now that new and powerful teams entered the field, the D2R team has to prove that they are the same powerful team that once was. The team is known for its game changing players performance and their efficient knowledge of the game. A few weeks ago, D2R and Euphoria merged to play under D2R Mystic, bringing top players from both teams to fight as one. Keep in mind that Euphoria was the top team on the Art of Warfare Leaderboards by the time the Qualifiers ended.

Before the Semi-Finals, D2R Mystic had a Matches Ratio of 3.73 and KD Ratio of 1.33. Although these stats have changed since the Semi-Finals due to the team’s struggle during the first and second matches against Nemesis. They now have a Matches Ratio of 3.65 and a KD Ratio of 1.34. While the Matches Ratio decreased due to team performance, the KD Ratio increased slightly due to individual performance.

If we compare the two teams latest statistics, it is evident that Gankstars 3.94 MR & 1.45 KD is above D2R’s 3.65 MR & 1.34 KD. Numbers can tell us a lot about a team’s performance and on a smaller scale, it can predict the outcome. However, team performance is important for a team to win and there are a lot of tactics that both teams can implement to counter their opponents.

The team captain’s role in leading the team is also vital for the team to stay above water. We saw how D2R’s performance changed when Gramps, the captain, joined the matches when D2R was losing 9-0. He helped his team not only survive but win the match by 13-12. This shows the importance of leadership and the confidence of the team in their leader. Any of the two teams that fails to have a leader guiding the team during the matches will likely suffer a loss.

As of now, the best performing player in Gankstars is GeneralGore while LeonardoM02 is the best performing player in D2R Mystic. The absence of any of these players can affect the teams dramatically. These players have shown to be talented and survivors. Each team needs their best players to be available in order to counter their opponents.

Moreover, based on our latest records, Gankstars and D2R Mystic battled each other 6 times. In the first 3 encounters, D2R Mystic won. However, in the last 3 matches Gankstars beat D2R Mystic. We can see evident improvements are taking place on the Gankstars team. Since the last match they both played, a lot has changed and we might be surprised by who wins. For example, many of the viewers expected D2R Mystic to lose in the Semi-Finals after their initial performance but the team pulled off an unexpected comeback that shocked many.

Finally, the Finals will be based on a Best of 5 format taking place on several maps. This means, Gankstars and D2R will have to practice and adapt on all maps in order to be prepared when the time comes. Both teams are quite powerful and while statistics and past performance can tell us a lot about the teams, you will have to join us at youtube.com/mobileesportsorg to find out who wins. These matches will take place this Sunday at 10:10 AM Pacific Time. Let this article and stats be a helpful guide on how both teams can attempt to come to the Finals slightly stronger than before. You can watch the Semi-Finals of the Art of Warfare below.