Our Story With G FUEL

When we launched our MOBILE E-SPORTS® initiative in 2015, we did it out of passion for mobile gaming and the competitive community. We were gamers ourselves, attracted to mobile games since their dawn on the platform. After we organised and launched our first mobile esports tournament, it was the biggest then; with several brands, sponsors and developers supporting it. At the time, 64 teams joined our first tournament and by the end of the tournament, it was a clear success. Continue reading

Partnership Announcement – Gamma Labs

We are officially announcing the start of a new partnership with Gamma Labs as of the 24th of February 2017. Gamma Labs is best known for their energy drink, G FUEL. Their company has been synonymous with gaming and we are proud that they have become an official partner of ours. This partnership helps us to lead the way for mobile esports and introduce more innovative ideas. Continue reading