Partnership Announcement – Gamma Labs

We are officially announcing the start of a new partnership with Gamma Labs as of the 24th of February 2017. Gamma Labs is best known for their energy drink, G FUEL. Their company has been synonymous with gaming and we are proud that they have become an official partner of ours. This partnership helps us to lead the way for mobile esports and introduce more innovative ideas.

The main reason we are very proud to represent and promote G FUEL is because Gamma Labs was one of the first big companies to have a vision for our mobile community. They believed in us, saw the hard work that went into what we created together as a community, and wanted to support this fascinating idea called Mobile eSports.

So what is G FUEL exactly? G FUEL is an Energy Formula that was designed to increase focus and concentration. Its formula consists of natural ingredients that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Who uses G Fuel? MMA Fighters, Body Builders, Sports Enthusiasts, and Gamers! G FUEL has been the official energy drink for eSports for a long time and now has become the official one for Mobile eSports.

As partners with Gamma Labs, we are providing you with a Discount Code that you can enter when purchasing from their website at Our code is ”EsportsMobile” and using it gives you 10% off any product that you purchase from their website. Using it not only helps us bring a better eSports experience to you but also supports our partner who believed in this community and in the goals that we all share for mobile gaming.

Finally, we want to thank Gamma Labs for their support and are proud to be their partner in the mobile gaming industry. Expect to see G FUEL Products in our upcoming tournaments. Remember that without you, our amazing community, this wouldn’t have been possible. Let us remain strong and continue our path for a future in Mobile eSports.

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