Critical Ops – Ten Paramount Tips For The Tournament

No one goes to a war unprepared, and we want to make sure that you are ready when the upcoming Critical Ops Tournament begins. While we still haven’t revealed the map on which the players will compete, we will tell you general tips that you must employ in order to have a better advantage against your opponents. In the next article we will reveal the map on which the tournament will be played on, but for now let us explore important tips that will help you win.

  1. Always use headphones when you play. It allows you to hear where the enemies are coming from and gives you a heads-up on when to attack them by surprise.
  2. Communication is key. Being in a voice call with your team members will be a great advantage in the tournament.
  3. Make sure that your team members have names for each major location on the map so that you can communicate with them better when trying to tell them where to go.
  4. If your team starts as Counter-Terrorists, then it is vital that you defend key areas rather than rush and get killed. This game is about preventing the bomb from being planted, not about getting kills.
  5. If your team starts as Terrorists, then try to break the opponents defense by rushing one area and overpowering the enemy. This way you can plant the bomb and take defensive positions to defend it.
  6. Keep an eye on the radar so that you know when one of your teammates is down. This keeps you alert in case the enemy tries to backstab you from the infiltrated area.
  7. Make no mistake. This game is all about teamwork and there is no place for one player’s ego. You will need to work as a team and have an understanding on what plan you want to execute.
  8. Be sure to set the controls ergonomically. This way, you can be comfortable when you play and will allow for a better competitive performance.
  9. When your team is losing and your members spawn with low money, you can buy weapons for them and share them with your teammates to give them better advantage in doing their task properly.
  10. Never try the same plan more than once. If your team tries to infiltrate the enemy from one area and fails, your only chance to win is to improvise and try a different area and implement a different plan.

9 thoughts on “Critical Ops – Ten Paramount Tips For The Tournament

  1. EHE , hi all , my C-Ops name is Phantom_Ace , anyway thx for the tips , but I have a problem , I’m always play c-ops by my own , I’m always on my own when started , how can I control my solo happiness XD???


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