Critical Ops Tournament – Why Tokyo Is Our Selected Map

We can tell you right from the start that we know many of you wanted to see Barcelona as the map for the Critical Ops Tournament. Others disagreed that it is an unfair map and preferred either Tokyo or Amsterdam. But we can all agree that no matter what we choose, some of you will disagree and while we try our best to please everyone, it is not humanly possible. So since our final choice was Tokyo, we want to explain to you the reasons behind our selection.

After carefully looking into each map and having teams play on different sides of the aisle, we have come to a conclusion that Tokyo is by far the most balanced of the maps. We have consulted knowledgeable individuals on the map’s design and weighed the differences for each map’s layout. So our Tokyo choice is final and will not be changed. Note that each team will have the opportunity to play as Counter Terrorists & Terrorists, so if you see that a map gives more advantage to one team, then it shouldn’t cause a lot of problems since your team and the opponent team will play on both sides of the aisle. So it should be fair enough to carry out the tournament. Moreover, the tournament is carried in a 3 vs 3 manner and Tokyo map does not give advantage to a team of 3 players only.

Be sure that there is no perfect game, and that is why each game gets updated and balanced every now and then, so we hope that you are not looking at our choice in a negative way, and rather be positive about the first mobile FPS eSports tournament. While nothing in life is perfect, we will most certainly ensure that the matches are as fair and fun as possible. In addition, before each match starts, we will ask each team to choose a random number from 0 – 20 and we will randomly generate the numbers and the team that chose a number closest to the generated number will get to choose what side to play on first. This way we make it more fair and hope to please the teams with this method.

Another reason we want to stick to one map only in this tournament is for standardization purposes. This will prevent external factors from playing a role in any team’s win or loss, and will create a more stable environment where each team has a higher chance to experience the game as any other team in the tournament. Tokyo Map is a very beautiful location to play on and all teams will experience its advantages and disadvantages. And as a professional team, you will have to prepare along with your team members on how to counter the hardships of the map and how to utilize its benefits. Finally, we are planning on giving you good tips on how to strategically play on Tokyo Map in the upcoming article, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Critical Ops Tournament – Why Tokyo Is Our Selected Map

  1. Can i sign in for the tournament and maybe me friend too because we play critical ops and we know how to play it really good.thank you if you let us in


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