Critical Ops Tournament – To Be Debuted From Mobcrush HQ

If we were to mark a historical date for Mobile Gaming, it would be February 14th. This is the day that will drive the era of Mobile eSports towards a brighter future. But there are many amazing companies and individuals who have immensely contributed to this grand event. First of all, we want to thank Mobcrush for giving us the great opportunity to have the opening day of the tournament livestreamed from their headquarters in Santa Monica.

Mobcrush is a pioneering company that has created the best livestreaming platform for mobile devices and we are proud to be working along with them for this big event. More details will be added soon in regards to the amazing team of livestreamers that will be there. We have created a MOBILE ESPORTS channel on Mobcrush to livestream the opening day and the final matches of the tournament. The channel will be announced on this website and on our Twitter (@eSports_Mobile) on a later date.

Today we have updated our list of prizes but we expect more to follow. Next week we will write a detailed article on the prizes so that you can get a better idea on what you are competing for. But we want to thank all of our partners who have decided to offer rewards for the winners. The mobile community is a wonderful community that’s full of kind and generous people. They are visionaries that see a light in the future of Mobile eSports and have decided that it is worth fighting for. Finally, we want to thank all of the gamers that have applied for this tournament because it’s you who’s bringing life to it. We can definitely agree that together we can create something phenomenal that can be remembered for years from now. Although we have so much more to tell you, we want to save some for later. Stay tuned with us until the next article.

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