Tokyo Map – Ten Critical Mistakes To Avoid

A plethora of mistakes are observed and repeated again and again when it comes to Tokyo Map. However, if you are taking your team into the Critical Ops Tournament, then know that there is no place for petty mistakes. Your opponents won’t be forgiving and they probably know every single corner of the map by heart. These are players that are in it to win it! In this article, we want to warn you on ten critical mistakes that players often do. So be sure to learn from these mistakes because you don’t want the world to watch you perform them live.

  1. Never camp in any corner within the A Bomb Planting (CY1) Area because you will be open to attack and your enemy expects you there.
  2. Never enter the E7 Cubicles alone unless you are supported by another player. This advice goes to Counter-Terrorists & Terrorists.
  3. Never rush the E6 Hallway if you are a Terrorist unless you have a teammate making sure that no enemy is coming through S1 Entrance or E2 (Museum).
  4. Never rush the L2 Underground Area if you are a Counter-Terrorist. That’s a big red warning for any team in a highly competitive match. It is preferable to protect key areas such as E7 Cubicles, E6 Hallway and CY1 Area. Always wait for the enemy to approach instead.
  5. Never plant in A Bomb Planting (CY1) Area without having a teammate check the second floor for a hiding enemy.
  6. Never plant in B Bomb Planting (E8) Area without checking the corner behind the statue for a hiding enemy.
  7. Never plant in A Bomb Planting (CY1) Area or B Bomb Planting (E8) Area without having support with you. Otherwise, you are giving your opponents the round on a silver plate.
  8. Never attempt to rush S1 Entrance if you are a Terrorist. You are likely to find a Counter-Terrorist at the top of the stairs and one coming from your right side.
  9. Never ignore E6 Hallway if you are a Counter-Terrorist. It is highly likely that an enemy Terrorist is trying to come in unnoticed into your area.
  10. Never rush into a round without buying a proper secondary weapon. Tokyo is a map with many entrances and your ammunition will finish before you know it. So instead of reloading and getting shot at, always try to insta-switch to your carefully chosen secondary weapon until you are within a safe range to reload your primary weapon.

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