Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – When, Where, & Who?

Tick Tock goes the clock as teams align their soldiers. We are getting closer to the opening day, only 4 days to go! As you can see below, the official advertisement is complete and we can all agree that it looks insanely beautiful. This is the first mobile eSports for a first person shooter game in forever, so it’s hard to think of how we can welcome such a historical event with our excited minds. Let’s start by going to the top of our roofs and screaming as loud as we can! Okay, we won’t do that but it would’ve been a good way to express how we feel. But let’s get to the more important part of this tournament.

The Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament will start on February 14th (Sunday) at 11 AM Pacific Time. To make it simpler for you, click here to check our countdown for the tournament. But where will all this take place? Our team will be broadcasting right from the Mobcrush Headquarters and those who will be shoutcasting on the opening day will be Patriot Conan, Illshotz, & Endless. You can watch it live from our Mobcrush Channel at >

We will post the bracket very soon in order to reveal the teams that you are going against. It will be posted on our Twitter, on this Website, and will be discussed at the Mobile eSports channel on Mobcrush. We will be selecting approximately 10 matches (20 teams) to play on the opening day, so it will be exciting! Stay tuned for more information.

11 thoughts on “Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – When, Where, & Who?

  1. Our clan, ToXiCSights is proud and honored to be in your tournament. We will be doing livestreaming of the game with gameplay and we will start a youtube channel with our clan and with separate channels with each of us! We already have edited videos with intros and outros with watermarks and music in them ready to go!! Our channels and livestreaming will be directed and focused on Critical Ops!! We thank you for this opportunity!!!


  2. Hello, I registered my team into the tournament back in January, and got a confirmation email, I replied 2 days late, and have not gotten any information since. I thought I remembered something about getting more info on the tenth (today). I am slightly confused as to what to do, and how do I know if my team is even in the tournament?


  3. Hi, I’m Ll0N KlNG from the team “Animal Kingdom.” I registered my team in January, got a confirmation email, replied (2 days late), and haven’t gotten anything since. I had heard that we were to get new info on the 10th (today), but again, I didn’t get anything. I am slightly worried that my team was not selected for the tournament… How can I know?


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