Canals Map – Ten Key Points To Consider

Since the Phoenix Tournament was announced, hundreds of players have been registering so that they can secure a position in the list of 64 teams that will be selected. As you well know by now, it will be a 4 vs 4 competition that will take place on the map, Canals. Previously known as Amsterdam, Canals has a unique infrastructure that will force teams to play strategically. The concept of ”Spray n’ Pray” is out of the question. Be sure that the team that has a well devised plan will win, so don’t go into the Critical Ops Tournament unprepared. This article will point you towards the right path into combining strategy & skills under one roof. Continue reading

Critical Ops – Choose The Next Tournament’s Map

The Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament was a huge success to say the least. The community was excited, the teams worked hard, the viewers enjoyed it, and the champions are still being rewarded. Now is the time to relax, think, and prepare for the next tournament. We want it bigger, better, and bolder. As a start, we want to take your thoughts on which map you think should be the center of interest for the next tournament. Currently, there are 3 maps: Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Tokyo. A fourth map, Grounded, is expected to be released soon as well. Before we do make our choice in regards to the map selection process, we want your input. Therefore, we have included a poll at the bottom of the page for you to vote and express your opinion. Continue reading

Tokyo Map – Ten Critical Mistakes To Avoid

A plethora of mistakes are observed and repeated again and again when it comes to Tokyo Map. However, if you are taking your team into the Critical Ops Tournament, then know that there is no place for petty mistakes. Your opponents won’t be forgiving and they probably know every single corner of the map by heart. These are players that are in it to win it! In this article, we want to warn you on ten critical mistakes that players often do. So be sure to learn from these mistakes because you don’t want the world to watch you perform them live.

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Critical Ops Tournament – Why Tokyo Is Our Selected Map

We can tell you right from the start that we know many of you wanted to see Barcelona as the map for the Critical Ops Tournament. Others disagreed that it is an unfair map and preferred either Tokyo or Amsterdam. But we can all agree that no matter what we choose, some of you will disagree and while we try our best to please everyone, it is not humanly possible. So since our final choice was Tokyo, we want to explain to you the reasons behind our selection.

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