Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Bracket Unveiled!

The Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament Bracket is finally ready and we have selected the teams that will play on the opening day. The Bracket is pretty big, there are, after all, 64 teams competing in it! It’s already exciting to see which teams will win Round 1 but you can bet on the fact that we will all leave as winners, because this is an unprecedented event for the mobile community. Note that Round 1 will end by the end of Saturday, February 20th and any team that hasn’t showed up by then will be disqualified and their opponents will win. But before you check out the bracket, let us announce the 20 teams that should be available to play on opening day.

We will announce 20 teams that should be available at 11 AM Pacific Time in order to play if called upon. The teams that were not selected to play on opening day will be able to play throughout the week (Feb 14th – 20th). Each match should have a moderator to make sure everything goes fair and smooth. The teams should not play against each other without one of our mods being present, otherwise it will not be counted as an official match for this tournament. Without keeping you any longer, here are the matches that will take place on February 14th & you can check the Tournament Bracket below.

  1. Kings Empire vs Boom Shaka Laka
  2. SxC 300 vs TEAM KNU
  3. Brothers of Darkness vs LSR A
  4. SRK Empire vs SaVz
  5. Wake N Bake vs Godz
  6. SxC Spartan vs Firesquad
  7. OTF vs EMPIRE
  9. TEAM NOVA vs chAoS CLAN

23 thoughts on “Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Bracket Unveiled!

    • We couldn’t select more than 64 teams, we even wanted less than that but had to expand to 64 to give more a chance. You will get a chance in future tournaments, but we selected these teams based on who replied to our emails first, because we need them to be teams that check their emails and come on time to the matches. Thanks.


      • I can’t believe i signed up for this tournament and i was so excited to play in it then i come to find out that my team was selected u know what i honesty think is that you only picked the teams that were good and u skipped over the less teams you only wanted to see the good teams play instead of the crappy teams. I will never compete in any of your tournaments ever just cause of this my team of been put in there i registered and then did not get an email and the next thing i know were not in it


      • There were over 600 teams that registered and we can only take 64. We chose the teams that replied to the emails we sent first, and it wasn’t about us choosing the ”best” teams. If you have registered, then we have the email you provided and we will contact you for the next tournament. This is not the only tournament we are making. We hope you understand our situation because it’s not easy to satisfy everyone, although we try. Thanks for your comment and we wish you a nice day.

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