Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Opening Day

On February 14th, 2016, the biggest mobile FPS eSports event was debuted from Mobcrush Headquarters. It was big, it was successful, and it was memorable. We were right on schedule, the teams showed up, and it had every mobile gamer get a good night sleep. Although everything appeared ready and organized to you on-screen, we had numerous hardworking individuals trying to set everything up in the background. Having said that, we want to thank all of our sponsors, shoutcasters, organizers, participants, and viewers for the legendary event that took place at Santa Monica.

There is no doubt that history will remember this event as the start of something spectacular on the mobile platform. And when your console friends tell you that mobile players cannot engage in eSports, you can now prove them wrong. We have a strong mobile community that has proven itself to be consistent and courageous for showing up on time and putting their skills to the test under the eyes of the world. Whether teams won or lost that day, it was a victory to all of our mobile community.

This is only the beginning and we want to promise you that there will be more tournaments, bigger prizes, and greater opportunities for everyone to be a part of. For now, we will proceed in hosting matches so that we can finish with Round 1 due to the high amount of teams, while Round 2 & beyond will be streamed live. Be sure to follow the Mobile eSports Channel at Mobcrush in order to watch all of the live streamed matches there. Finally, we provide for you below the first 3 hours of the great event so that you can enjoy re-living this unforgettable memory.

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