Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – How Will It End?

The winners will get their names carved in our Hall of Fame, but who will they be? We have come very close to finding out and things are getting too exciting for anyone to handle. Today, we want to remind you that the Semi-finals & Finals will start at 10 AM Pacific Time at our Mobile eSports Mobcrush Channel. The Quarter-finals were beyond insane and the teams put a lot of hard work. The matches from the Quarter-finals will be uploaded on this website this week, in case you missed out on them. Will we be surprised today just like we were yesterday? This tournament has proven that even the strongest of teams are at risk of losing, and today’s matches will be insanely phenomenal. All teams should be prepared to have our moderators join their Discord calls in order to ensure that all matches are fair. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Cast Your Vote For Round 3!

As you well know, there are 8 intense matches for this week and victory can be unpredictable. A talented player might clutch a match, a team might have a secret strategy, or one of the team captain’s might lead his team to victory after a long week of training. The question remains, who will win? We want to test your Critical Ops Analytical Thinking and give you the chance to cast your vote on the team that you think will win for each of the 8 matches for Round 3. The polls will be announced at the beginning so that you may know what the general community believes and see if their prediction will come true. Below, you will find 8 polls where you can vote for the team of your choice for each match. How good are you at predictions? Let’s find out!

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Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Are You Ready For Round 3?

Round 3 is just around the corner and things are getting pretty exciting. We want to inform you more about how this tournament is going to proceed and update you on several changes. This Sunday (February 28th) we will be streaming at 10 AM Pacific Time, one hour earlier than the previous two weeks. By that time, there will be several matches awaiting to take place with the fiercest teams waiting to claim their victory. The live stream can be viewed at the Mobile eSports Channel. We expect all of the teams that made it to Round 3 to be available on Sunday so please be there and have someone from your team present in the Palringo room known as esports_chat.

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Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Opening Day

On February 14th, 2016, the biggest mobile FPS eSports event was debuted from Mobcrush Headquarters. It was big, it was successful, and it was memorable. We were right on schedule, the teams showed up, and it had every mobile gamer get a good night sleep. Although everything appeared ready and organized to you on-screen, we had numerous hardworking individuals trying to set everything up in the background. Having said that, we want to thank all of our sponsors, shoutcasters, organizers, participants, and viewers for the legendary event that took place at Santa Monica.

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