Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Round 2

This week was very explosive and yet a difficult one for many teams that went through the trial of Round 1. We were broadcasting the intense matches live and the spotlight had many teams stressed and others excited. The mobile community were watching their every move as they battled their way to victory. This upcoming Sunday will be even more action packed. On that day, the victorious teams that made it to Round 2 will face each other. Like the opening day, we will have a long live stream where many matches will take place and we kindly ask that the teams listed below to be available this Sunday at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Remember that many teams made it to Round 2, but only 9 were selected for Sunday. The other teams will be scheduled on other days during the week. There will be 9 matches available for this Sunday, composed of 18 skilled teams. We should be seeing very interesting battles going on and new tactics being implemented for such a tough round. For the honor and reputation of your team, please show up on time. Click here to check our countdown for Round 2 & be sure to watch it live at Don’t forget to check the updated Bracket for Round 2 at the bottom of the page.

  1. LSR A vs Nismo
  2. LoS vs cHaOs Clan
  3. SaVz vs LSR B
  4. Kings Empire vs SxC 300
  5. Team Apex vs OTF
  6. Team Apocalypse vs Unstoppable BR
  7. AAS vs Kings Vendetta
  8. Envyus vs DvS Armageddon
  9. SxC Spartan vs NxS

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