Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Are You Ready For Round 3?

Round 3 is just around the corner and things are getting pretty exciting. We want to inform you more about how this tournament is going to proceed and update you on several changes. This Sunday (February 28th) we will be streaming at 10 AM Pacific Time, one hour earlier than the previous two weeks. By that time, there will be several matches awaiting to take place with the fiercest teams waiting to claim their victory. The live stream can be viewed at the Mobile eSports Channel. We expect all of the teams that made it to Round 3 to be available on Sunday so please be there and have someone from your team present in the Palringo room known as esports_chat.

After Round 3 is complete, we will go into the Quarter-Finals where there will be 4 intense matches with 8 teams facing each other. The Quarter-Finals will take place on Saturday (March 5th) and more information will be available on the timing as we get closer. The Semi-Finals & Finals will both take place on Sunday (March 6th), just one day after the Quarter-Finals. Clearly, the next 10 days will be very stressful for the teams that have made it thus far, and we want to congratulate them all on their success and wish them good luck. The matches that will take place throughout the week for Round 3 are:

  1. Team Apocalypse vs SxC Spartan
  2. Kings Empire vs LSR B
  3. Shake N Bake vs OTF
  4. Team Professionals vs Nismo
  5. Kings Vendetta vs Wake N Bake
  6. Team DvS vs LoS
  7. Team vX vs DvS Aramageddon
  8. Papi Chulos vs VC

As for Round 2, there is 1 match that hasn’t taken place still due to Android getting the update before iOS which resulted in both teams not being able to find the same room. We hope to set this match as soon as possible. As for Sunday, we want to emphasize again that all teams that made it to Round 3 must be available at 10 AM Pacific Time. Click here to see the countdown for Round 3. Finally, we have a very cool trailer for Round 3 which touches on the exciting matches that took place this week and we want to thank our Shoutcaster Kuba for managing to put it together. You can watch the trailer for Round 3 below.

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