Critical Ops – Choose The Next Tournament’s Map

The Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament was a huge success to say the least. The community was excited, the teams worked hard, the viewers enjoyed it, and the champions are still being rewarded. Now is the time to relax, think, and prepare for the next tournament. We want it bigger, better, and bolder. As a start, we want to take your thoughts on which map you think should be the center of interest for the next tournament. Currently, there are 3 maps: Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Tokyo. A fourth map, Grounded, is expected to be released soon as well. Before we do make our choice in regards to the map selection process, we want your input. Therefore, we have included a poll at the bottom of the page for you to vote and express your opinion.

Remember, after we garner thousands of votes, we will discuss the poll results in our chat room on Bindle. You can download Bindle for free and join the chat room by searching #MobileeSports and you will be accepted immediately. There, we will discuss as a community the choices that you made and will come to a reasonable and satisfactory decision. The next issue that we will focus on is the number of players, so stay tuned to be a part of the discussion. Without keeping you any longer, please vote below for the map of your choice.

11 thoughts on “Critical Ops – Choose The Next Tournament’s Map

    • We are definitely including PC in our tournaments, but we are looking whether we will make separate tournament for PC or mix mobile and PC together. We will keep you informed. Thank you.


      • Dear Mobile ESports team,
        We appreciate the work you put in at browser/PC platform, and would absolutely love to be included to the tournaments you set up. However, in all honestly, I must tell you personally that playing on PC is much easier than on mobile, and including both in a single tournament would be fairly risk, and could cause a massive disappointment on mobile devices.


      • Thank you for your comment. This is a concern that we are constantly debating amongst ourselves. We are hoping to find a solution that satisfies both sides, perhaps even hosting PC-only tournaments at times. We will announce our decision once we come to a proper solution. Thank you again for your feedback.


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