Critical Ops – More Details On The Next Tournament

We have been literally spammed with questions about the next tournament. When will it be? What map will it be on? How many players? The questions were endless but today we will shed some light on the matter. This article will not reveal all of the details but it will tell give you plenty of information. We can also add that the next Critical Ops Tournament will be much bigger and better organized. Of course, we learned a lot from the first tournament and now we know what problems to avoid and how to bring about a better experience for all of you. In this article, we will reveal information about the potential date of the tournament, the possible maps that will be chosen, and the number of players that can participate.

Starting with the potential date, we aim to start the next Critical Ops Tournament in May. We still haven’t decided a specific date but we will update you on this website as we learn more. As for maps, majority of the votes selected Grounded (30.18%) and Amsterdam (22.26%). If Grounded is released before May, then we will select it as the next map for the tournament. However, if it is not released before May, then we will select Amsterdam as the map of choice.

In regards to the number of players, we want the next tournament to be a 4vs4 along with 4 possible substitutes that each team can register. This will allow more players to participate and provide each team the opportunity to be well prepared in case one player decides not to show up. We still haven’t decided how many teams will participate but we will discuss it and see what’s the best path for the next tournament. We have over 600 teams registered with us that can participate and more will follow once Critical Ops is soft launched in selected areas on iOS, possibly next month. So it is very likely that we will allow more teams to join than the first tournament.

Finally, we hope that you can join our chat room on Bindle so that we can make the discussion for the next tournament alive. You can download Bindle for free and join the chat room by searching #MobileeSports and you will be accepted immediately. There, we will discuss as a community all your ideas and put them into serious thought when organizing the next Critical Ops Tournament.

6 thoughts on “Critical Ops – More Details On The Next Tournament

  1. The aCw clan will be excited to compete in this tournament hoping that this time around we will get a chance to play depending on the team i really like how u had the last tournament set up it was a great tournament. I hope this next one will be as good as the first one.


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