The Future of MOBILE ESPORTS – Choose Your Games

You are probably wondering what we have been doing in the last few weeks. We have been planning for future events that we wish to host for competitive mobile gamers. As you well know, our upcoming mobile eSports event will be based on Critical Ops, the first person shooter developed by Critical Force Entertainment. This tournament will take place in May if everything goes as planned. However, we also aim to host more tournaments about different kind of games, such as Clash Royale, Vainglory, and many others. Therefore, we are very interested to take your input on what games you wish to see future tournaments revolve around.

We want to travel the eSports road along with you and we wish to bring your thoughts and ideas into what we do. Your continuous support has resulted in our first tournament becoming very successful and for this we are extremely grateful. So rest assured that your ideas will be a part of everything that we will work on and you will not be ignored. Our aim is to bring gaming on a whole new level. Finally, in order to tell us what games you wish to see us host for future tournaments, you can either email us via or by posting a comment on this article below. We want to thank you once again for all your support.

2 thoughts on “The Future of MOBILE ESPORTS – Choose Your Games

  1. It would be amazing to host a vainglory Tourny but What I have noticed from the past Touny on Vainglory is that They are almost all similar and only on the North American region so it would be very unique if you hosted it in other Servers such as south east Asia or South America!!


  2. Bravo Storm II! Another FPS going from PC to cross-platform with mobile! The game is still in very early stage of development. The original game is quite competitive, but had some issues too. But nonetheless, I see great potential in the upcoming sequel to Bravo Storm! These guys are on Patreon right now & they have a video on YouTube to address the development. The only issue is that they are not as into the community like Bullet Force & C-Ops, we could give them time! Hope to see the game reach a level where E-Sports tournaments are held. Do consider them (in/for the future) Thank You:D



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