A lot has been going on and many have been wondering what are our plans for 2016. Now, we are ready to share some of the details  with you. We already have hundreds registering with us on a weekly basis and this leaves us with a great amount of responsibility. Our job has become a bigger task and therefore, we plan to double our efforts so that we can bring to you the best that the world of eSports can deliver. Curious to know what we have in store for 2016? Here we go! Continue reading

MOBILE ESPORTS – Apply For A Position

We know that many of you have been wanting to be more involved in the Mobile eSports initiative and today we want to tell you that we have heard you. We believe that the community should be involved in what we do because it is absolutely vital that the relationship between us and the community remains strong. Therefore, you will now be able to apply for a role at MOBILE ESPORTS and be a part of our big projects that we are working on. Are you prepared to journey with us into the future of mobile gaming? Continue reading

MOBILE ESPORTS – Now Featured on Mobcrush

The Phoenix Tournament was a blazing fire. Amazing support from the community received and even Mobcrush has helped shine the spotlight on this competitive tournament. We are very grateful for all of your support and we aim to work tirelessly on more and bigger tournaments for the future. Just recently, Mobcrush featured our Mobcrush Channel on their platform which is absolutely phenomenal. This is all possible because of you, the amazing community to which we are forever grateful. In addition, Mobcrush has done so much to help us on our journey by inviting our team to their headquarters, offering prizes, and now featuring us. Words can never be enough, nevertheless, Thank You Mobcrush! Continue reading

Critical Ops – Rules & Regulations

Friends, the time has come to re-visit the ground rules for the Critical Ops Tournaments. It is important that all teams acknowledge and follow the rules in order for us to deliver a fair and fun tournament. A world without rules is a world of chaos and we want to build the Critical Ops world on an orderly platform. The rules provided will serve as a guide for current and future Critical Ops Tournaments. Let’s start, shall we? Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – The Full Schedule

After matching up the teams on live stream yesterday, we became more confident that this tournament will be much more competitive than the last one. Prizes are being updated and teams are getting hyped up for their matches. But what will the schedule for the streams look like? We want to make it simple for you to follow our streams and we also have an updated bracket with all the teams included in it. Continue reading

The Future of MOBILE ESPORTS – Choose Your Games

You are probably wondering what we have been doing in the last few weeks. We have been planning for future events that we wish to host for competitive mobile gamers. As you well know, our upcoming mobile eSports event will be based on Critical Ops, the first person shooter developed by Critical Force Entertainment. This tournament will take place in May if everything goes as planned. However, we also aim to host more tournaments about different kind of games, such as Clash Royale, Vainglory, and many others. Therefore, we are very interested to take your input on what games you wish to see future tournaments revolve around. Continue reading