The Phoenix Tournament – Meet The Sponsors

Truly, the unexpected can be expected in the Phoenix Tournament. Amazing matches took place in every round and it’s during these moments that competition & fun are at the peak. It is time that you meet the sponsors that are offering some of the prizes in this tournament. Without them, the fun moments and competitive battles may have not been possible. So we ask that you give a few minutes of your time to learn more about them because they believed in the Mobile eSports cause and gave their time & prizes to you.

Mobcrush: A leading pioneer that brought quality live streaming services to mobile. Mobcrush was founded in 2014 and is currently in beta testing, yet their influence and magnitude is ever growing. They have been a great supporter of our tournaments, providing us their studios to live stream from and offering prizes for the winners as well. We are certain that you are familiar with Mobcrush because our events are live streamed on their platform, and if you’re not then you can visit the Mobile eSports channel on Mobcrush at

GoodGame Studios: One of the biggest companies of Free-to-play games in the world, the company has supported us throughout this tournament by providing prizes for the winners. Although they haven’t been involved in Mobile eSports events before, they believed in what we wanted to achieve with ours. Their latest game is Legends of Honor, a free Medieval strategy war game. The game is quite a fascinating experience and we would be grateful if you give your time to check it out at GoodGame Studios didn’t hesitate to support our community and our tournaments, so let’s show them how grateful we are in return.

Digital Burr Media: A company that houses some of the rare talented people in the world. This Graphics/Design company has vowed to create unique YouTube intros for the winners, and the great thing is that it’s not their first time. They have offered prizes in the first tournament, and again in the current tournament. They are absolutely helping the cause and to show them our gratitude, please visit their website at and check them out.

NootroBox: Hail the makers of GO Cubes, the delicious chewable coffee we have been hearing of throughout the tournament! You all know of them by now, but let’s tell you about what you do not know. NootroBox were extremely excited to offer prizes for the winners of this tournament and were absolutely thrilled about the idea of Mobile eSports. Although they are in the business of chewable coffee, they are big fans of eSports gaming. Not to forget that they definitely have the best chewable coffee in North America. Please do visit them at to show them that we too know how to thank the supporters of this community.

Turbo Studios: Turbo Studios is a new ambitious development company that is coming to the world of Mobile gaming with a novel vision. When they learned about our Mobile eSports events, they were more than happy to offer prizes to our winners. They are the makers of Super Senso, a strategy game that brings unique elements to the genre. You can support them by checking out their game on the App Store or Google Play. They will definitely appreciate it if you do.

Critical Force: Finally, we come to the makers of the game you are playing. The developers of Critical Ops, one of the best FPS games to exist on mobile. They are providing constant support to our tournaments and have been very generous in their prizes as well. If you want to find a way to thank them for their support, give them a follow on their Twitter @CriticalOpsGame. Thank you Critical Force for all your support.

So ladies & gentlemen, these are the companies that believed in us and you throughout the Phoenix Tournament. These are big companies that actually took some of their busy time to ask us on how they can support you. Let us show them how grateful we are as mobile gamers and as the Mobile eSports community by checking them out, learning more about them, and remembering that their support has pushed our cause forward for the better.

With your support, we will be able to bring more and bigger prizes for future tournaments. Dear friends, this is how we advance the idea of Mobile eSports forward and bring a new world where mobile gaming is taken seriously on an international level. We want to thank our amazing sponsors, our beloved community, and everyone that has supported us. This is why we put many hours of our days for you, because you are simply the best community in this world, and we will keep on working non-stop to bring your dream of a competitive world of mobile gaming to fruition. At last, whether you are a guest or an old supporter of our cause, visit our chat room by downloading Bindle and joining our room that’s called MobileeSports. We would love to meet you, hear of your ideas and share with you our future plans.

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