The NA Qualifier – Team Selection & Confirmation

We know that you all have been curious on what’s going on behind the curtain and today we want to give you an idea. For the NA Qualifier, we stopped accepting new applications since August 21st and began going through the ones that applied. In total, over 600 teams applied from the NA region which translates into thousands of players. As of now, we have selected 64 teams but so far only 53 of them responded to our email. Those that do not confirm their teams soon will be replaced with a different team.

For the team captains that did not check their email, now would be the right time to do so! And those of you that did not get an email yet, then you might have a chance to be selected if we remove a team that hasn’t responded to us yet. The hype is real, ladies and gentlemen. We expect this qualifier to be extremely competitive because of new strong teams coming to the surface. We can assure you that the best teams are practicing as we speak. Be sure to have a plan for each circumstance and assign a role for each player. If you think running and shooting will get you anywhere, then you are going to lose badly.

In the upcoming days, we will update you with more information on the teams selected and how the schedule will look like. We haven’t assigned a date for the qualifier yet due to several factors involved. However, you can be sure that we are doing our best to organize everything for you. Let all your friends know about the qualifiers and tournament because you don’t want them to miss the biggest tournament ever hosted for a mobile game!

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