The NA Qualifier – Format & Bracket Revealed

We know, you have been waiting for The NA Qualifier’s Brackets and your requests have been heard. There are 64 teams, 32 going head-to-head against each other. The goal behind the qualifiers is to select the top teams that are prepared for the World Cup Tournament. In the case of the NA Qualifier, we are going to choose the top 16 performers. Keep in mind that the NA Qualifier begins on Saturday, October 1st, and we have already emailed your teams to confirm that you can play. If you did not receive an email or were not contacted then reach out to us at, through our Twitter, or Discord Chat. Continue reading

Mobile eSports – Is It Worth Your Time & Energy?

Did you know that more people watch eSports than watch the MLB World Series or the NBA Finals? That’s according to the USA Today. Here’s a more bold statement: 188 million people watch eSports as of now. It is undeniable that the overwhelming majority of eSports games are found on the PC and Console platforms. That’s alright, they advanced first. However, we can see mobile gaming slowly surpass the latter two in downloads, revenue, and preference. Continue reading

The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – GankStars

Since their humble beginnings at the dawn of 2015, GankStars quickly stole the spotlight with their professionalism, teamwork, and expertise. Their rise to fame began in Vainglory where they demonstrated a unique approach to the MOBA game. It all began when friends came together, created a guild, and decided that more can be achieved if they worked hard enough and stuck together. Despite many ups and downs GankStars experienced since then, they still placed in the top 3 during every Vainglory competitive season to date, including the coveted World Champions title.
Continue reading

Critical Ops: NA Qualifier – 64 Teams Revealed

Many have wondered whether their team will be selected for the NA Qualifier. The selection process wasn’t easy simply because there were literally hundreds of great teams that have applied. Today and in this article we will announce the 64 teams that will participate in the NA Qualifier. Some of the names you might recognize and while there are plenty of new names, they consist of well-known players. Are you prepared to find out about the teams in question? Here we go. Continue reading

The Bureau Map – 10 Tips & Tricks That Can Lead You To Victory

The latest addition to the Critical Ops maps is the selected arena for our first World Cup Qualifiers. Bureau is an incredibly spacious map with a similar color scheme to CS:GO’s “Season” & is no stranger to giving advantages to the CT side as well as the T side. This map was chosen by our team due to the fact that we love putting our competitors through fierce battles in environments & ranges that vary immensely. We didn’t want you to get into the battlefield unprepared, so we prepared for you 10 tips and tricks that would be important to consider when facing your opponents. Continue reading

The NA Qualifier – Team Selection & Confirmation

We know that you all have been curious on what’s going on behind the curtain and today we want to give you an idea. For the NA Qualifier, we stopped accepting new applications since August 21st and began going through the ones that applied. In total, over 600 teams applied from the NA region which translates into thousands of players. As of now, we have selected 64 teams but so far only 53 of them responded to our email. Those that do not confirm their teams soon will be replaced with a different team. Continue reading

The NA Qualifier – Server Confirmed & Updates Discussed

North American competitors and friends, today we will let you know more about the upcoming Qualifier of which many of you inquired about. There were two sides from the community that argued for different servers and as you well know, we left the decision to you, the players. The poll shows 63.83% voted for USA East Server and 29.26% voted for USA West Server. Therefore, we have decided that the NA Qualifier will be hosted on the USA East Server. Please understand that thousands have voted and we must take the majority’s decision; this is the byproduct of Democracy. Continue reading