The NA Qualifier – Server Confirmed & Updates Discussed

North American competitors and friends, today we will let you know more about the upcoming Qualifier of which many of you inquired about. There were two sides from the community that argued for different servers and as you well know, we left the decision to you, the players. The poll shows 63.83% voted for USA East Server and 29.26% voted for USA West Server. Therefore, we have decided that the NA Qualifier will be hosted on the USA East Server. Please understand that thousands have voted and we must take the majority’s decision; this is the byproduct of Democracy.

Furthermore, teams can still register for the NA Qualifier since it will end on August 21st. After we select the teams, we will announce the Qualifier’s start date and introduce the bracket. Those who register for the NA Qualifier are able to register for any other Qualifier. However, as we said before, the teams that are most likely to be selected are the ones belonging to the region on which we are hosting the Qualifier on.

Soon, we will update our Rules & Regulations for Critical Ops following new methods of cheating that some players are able to access. We have built a solid rules system that will counter against these cheating methods but all teams must comply with our new set of rules. Any team that breaks any rule from our list will be disqualified. Over 600 teams have applied for the NA Qualifier and we will allow more to apply. Moreover, we are aware of the complaints regarding the new Critical Ops update and the developers will be working on having the game run smooth before the tournament begins. We will update you on more news very soon.

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