The Bureau Map – 10 Tips & Tricks That Can Lead You To Victory

The latest addition to the Critical Ops maps is the selected arena for our first World Cup Qualifiers. Bureau is an incredibly spacious map with a similar color scheme to CS:GO’s “Season” & is no stranger to giving advantages to the CT side as well as the T side. This map was chosen by our team due to the fact that we love putting our competitors through fierce battles in environments & ranges that vary immensely. We didn’t want you to get into the battlefield unprepared, so we prepared for you 10 tips and tricks that would be important to consider when facing your opponents.

1. Along B Alley, your footsteps can be heard by anyone in Sandwich & this information could relay to the CT side that your team is doing a B push. To avoid this, try to creep-walk around the area until finally charging at the Main Entrance/Vent Hall area.

2. Due to the metallic characteristics of the Vent, any sound near it gets increased in volume which would make it easier for you & your opponents to listen to footsteps. We advice to creep-walk in this area & to use it as a hiding place if your team has planted in the B-site due to it being an easy area to collect information from.

3. Smoking off monitors during an A push could help your team stay intact or keep more HP than could’ve been lost, this is a common area where Terrorists die from when pushing the A-site. Be on the lookout for anyone that could be lurking in Lab 1, they tend to blend in with the black background of the supercomputers.

4. If you or your team ever decide to push Orange Room via Tree, have your most disciplined sharpshooters ready for an enemy to be in HQ’s corner overlooking Orange Room – a common defense spot for the CT side. A good strategy to counter your opponents would be to smoke Orange Room, flash it, then proceed to rush. Alternatively, bombarding the room with grenades will cause immense damage.

5. If your team can’t afford AK’s, don’t be in despair. This map has numerous close-range combat areas so a wise purchase would be the FP6. The pump-shotgun is incredibly powerful from close-range to mid-range. Any opponent player will fail if you have good aim with it.

6. The most important rounds in the game are the pistol rounds. In this 4v4 scenario, a good line-up for pistol rounds would be : 2 Kevlars, 1 player should get his favored pistol, & another player to buy 2 grenades for the most accurate fraggers in the team. The Kevlar players should be in the front if your team is charging an area to ensure they soak up the pistol damage with their armor. The best scenario for both fraggers is to toss their grenades when they see the enemy team in a tight spot together.

7. There is a spot that is not commonly checked as a CT, & this spot is the far right corner of Vent Hall. If played correctly, you could get very important kills on the invading terrorists if they decide to push through Main Entrance & it’s a great spot to rotate from if the Terrorists go to A-site since you get an overview of the main defensive points the T-side take after planting the bomb.

8. If your team gets shut down & you’re aware if you die you’ll go broke the next round, then don’t engage the enemy team and save your weapon. If you’re strategic you’ll get some exit kills which will definitely damage the enemy’s economy.

9. If you’re a CT & see signs of a push via Orange Room, be prepared for opponents to enter through Sandwich. It’s a common room used by Terrorists to push from & could be avoidable if your team is reliable with their grenade timing.

10. Here’s a tip that can drastically help out with defending the A-site for both sides. In Lab 2, the glass panel in the middle of it’s supercomputers are NOT bullet proof. You can shoot & kill an enemy if he is on the other side of the glass.

Now, with some basic guidance to the Bureau map – comes your part in learning more about it alone. We expect teams to be fully prepared & bring everything they got to every match. We believe that our selected teams will put on a fascinating match and everyone is waiting patiently for the competition to begin.

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