The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Union

Union arrived to the NA Qualifier as a surprising yet powerful team. Being composed from high-profile clans like Kings, oL, and SxC; their performance is expected to be strategic, skilled, and splendid. By the time this team was formed, it alarmed a large number of teams that were not expecting the players within it to participate. In fact, we believe that it is one of the strongest we have seen to compete in the North American region.

The Union players are no ordinary gamers. Some of the names that you will recognize in their roster are Kam & Joker, two long-time professionals in the mobile community that are widely known for their leadership skills. They made it very clear to us that they are competing in this tournament for only one reason: Glory!

Do you think that Union will live up to its name and players? That is what we will find out in the NA Qualifier. Our moderators have seen the players in this team play before and we can confirm that the Union roster can be deadly to those who face them.

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