The EU Qualifier – Format & Bracket Revealed

The SA Qualifier left us with memorable moments of action and surprises. Yet, we are far from finished. Now, we enter the European Qualifier where some of the most competitive teams in the world exist. Like the previous qualifiers, 64 interesting teams will go against each other and the top 16 team will be selected for the World Cup. Today, we want to unveil the format and the brackets for the EU Qualifier. Continue reading

Critical Ops: EU Qualifier – 64 Teams Revealed

Is Europe ready for the next big thing? We come from South America with great regards. Today, we will present to you the 64 selected teams that will compete in the European Qualifier. Out of over 750 applicants, these 64 teams were chosen. The bigger question is, when will the matches start? Round 1 will begin on December 24th and end on January 7th. The reason we are giving the teams 2 weeks to play is because of Christmas and many teams will be celebrating it with their families. Finally, here are the 64 teams selected. Continue reading

The SA Qualifier – Round 3 Roadmap

The South American Qualifier has been going great and we have seen a lot of new teams proving that the Critical Ops talent exists all around the world. So where do we find ourselves now? Well, Round 2 has concluded and Round 3 has already begun. The slight delay is due to game servers being updated. In this article, we will discuss what we expect to see in this anticipated round. Continue reading

The SA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – POLA Gaming

This week’s featured team is called POLA Gaming and it is quite a big one. In fact, this team consists of five different clans! The clans that build up this team are Cluj-Napoca Team RO, EECS, kTn, TTF, and ViiRaL. While this is a European clan with members hailing from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, they have brought a special team to compete in the South American Qualifier. Continue reading