The NA Qualifier – Round 3 Roadmap

Round 3 begins and 16 teams have made it thus far. These teams will be automatically invited to the World Cup Tournament whether they win or lose. This Round won’t be streamed but the next one will be on Saturday, October 22nd, at 10 AM Pacific Time. The teams available are very competitive and it will be exciting to see which one overpowers the other. All recorded matches will be uploaded to our MOBILE ESPORTS TV section.

Teams will have until Friday, October 21st, to play the Round 3 matches. Remember to be available on our Discord Chat in order to communicate with your opponents. If your team has not joined our chat yet, then you can join it through this link: We know you are extremely curious about the teams that made it to the top 16, so let us reveal the match-ups for Round 3:

  1. Kings Vendetta vs Sector 7 Astronauts
  2. Gaming Revolution vs DC Vengeance
  3. Astro 9 vs Spirit Decimate
  4. Mercy Gaming vs Spirit Nightmare
  5. Kings Redemption vs Empire
  6. GankStars vs Team Vengeance
  7. Int Fusion vs FAM
  8. CBK Gaming vs Team Phoenix

As you see, the matches will be blazing and we look forward to see the results. These 16 teams will be invited to the World Cup Tournament so you will see them again but only one of them will become the champion of the NA Qualifier. We will provide polls for you to vote below on the team that you think will win. Finally, the updated bracket can be found at the bottom of this page.

Note: Team RnS was disqualified due to them breaking one of our rules. Spirit Decimate has been brought back in.

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