The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Sector 7 Astronauts

Today’s featured team is out of the ordinary. Very little was known about Sector 7 Astronauts but the truth is that they come from an interesting background. The team was founded in May of this year by ex-FeaR members, a team that was highly regarded among the sniping community in Modern Combat 4.

Experience and Talent are two vital building blocks that Sector 7 prides itself with. In fact, when we added a poll on who will win the match in Round 3, Sector 7 Astronauts or Kings Vendetta, 68.32% voted against Sector 7. Surprisingly, the 68.32% were wrong because Sector 7 defeated Kings Vendetta, the champion of the FireTeams Tournament.

Sector 7’s victory came as a shock to many and this revealed to all of us that a new power is rising within the Critical Ops Community. Will Sector 7 be the champion of the NA Qualifier? One thing we know for sure, they certainly will not go down without a fierce fight. If they are matched against you, then be prepared to counter their assault tactics because they have years of experience as a team.

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