The NA Qualifier – Round 4 Roadmap

With Round 4, we are left with 8 powerful teams and everyone is curious on which team will become the champion of the NA Qualifier. These 8 teams, winners or losers, will be eligible for prizes as well. We will see the teams go against each other this week. Like always, we will leave you with polls where you can vote on the team that you think will win, so choose wisely.

Round 4’s matches will be unnerving to the players involved since they are facing the toughest in the North American region. If your team is playing, then remember to be available on our Discord Chat in order to communicate with us and your opponents. If your team has not joined our chat yet, then you can join it through this link: Without further ado, let’s take a look at the upcoming matches:

  1. Sector 7 Astronauts vs Gaming Revolution
  2. Spirit Decimate vs Spirit Nightmare
  3. Kings Redemption vs GankStars
  4. Int Fusion vs Team Phoenix

Some are old names, others are new names but the common factor between them is that they were good enough to make it this far. 4 of these teams will be disqualified in Round 4 and the other 4 will move onto the Semi-Finals. We will provide polls for you to vote below on the team that you think will win.

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