Open Position – Mobile Esports Match Analyst

Having started a new year, we wanted to open a position for a talented individual from amongst you. In this post, we will give a brief description of the role, how to apply, and the process that you will go through to be accepted. Note that having a strong background in mobile FPS games is essential for you to be considered.

We are looking to recruit a ”Match Analyst” who can analyze data from FPS matches and communicate insights of the data in an organized manner. You will have to be an analytical person who’s comfortable with Statistics and fluent in English. During livestreamed matches, your job will be to quickly analyze match results and immediately give interesting feedback on how each team and player performed in comparison to the other.

To apply, you first have to click here to be redirected to the application form. You can select Match Analyst from the options and fill the data required of you. Once we have screened all applications, we will contact the applicants that fit our role and interview them. Finally, we will select our candidate before the end of this month. We wish you all good luck.

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