The EU Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Hammers Uprising

The EU Qualifier has been filled with high-profiled teams. Yet, you haven’t seen it all until you have seen Hammers Uprising. The team was created 4 months ago by Kuba & Inferno that’s dedicated to tournaments hosted in Europe. The team has experienced players that were in Kings Clan for over 3 years.

With the merger of Kings and Hammers Esports, the powerful Hammers Uprising was born. The team name may be new but the players have been in the competitive scene for years and have already won countless tournaments. With that in mind, know that the team at Hammers Uprising are not here to play but to win.

They have made it to Round 3 thus far and are quite confident that they will end up in the finals too. In fact, they have left us with a question to share with you, ”Will you be ready for us in the World Cup Tournament?” If you are playing Hammers Uprising in the EU Qualifier, we suggest that you start preparing for them because every team to them is a nail!

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