The EU Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Team Warriors

Team Warriors is a Semi-Finalist in the EU Qualifier and is set to face Hammers Uprising in an extremely tough match. Yet, Team Warriors is not a team to be underestimated. They hail from the powerful clan called CSPG which was in the Semi-Finals during the SA Qualifier. These players are not short of skills nor talent and will give Hammer Uprising a fight to remember.

The clan itself was founded by 3 close friends that were addicted to CS Portable. They started playing Critical Ops after they discovered its competitive nature and wanted to gain fame and glory in global tournaments. Team Warriors has advanced to the Semi-Finals after a tough match against ToP Clan during the Quarter-Finals.

In fact, according to the polls, 42.86% voted that Team Warriors will beat Hammers Uprising while 57.14% of the community voted for Hammers Uprising. Will Team Warriors prove the majority of the community wrong and rise victorious tomorrow or will they give their opponent a fight that’s worth remembering?

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