The EU Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Team Warriors

Team Warriors is a Semi-Finalist in the EU Qualifier and is set to face Hammers Uprising in an extremely tough match. Yet, Team Warriors is not a team to be underestimated. They hail from the powerful clan called CSPG which was in the Semi-Finals during the SA Qualifier. These players are not short of skills nor talent and will give Hammer Uprising a fight to remember. Continue reading

Critical Ops – More Details On The Next Tournament

We have been literally spammed with questions about the next tournament. When will it be? What map will it be on? How many players? The questions were endless but today we will shed some light on the matter. This article will not reveal all of the details but it will tell give you plenty of information. We can also add that the next Critical Ops Tournament will be much bigger and better organized. Of course, we learned a lot from the first tournament and now we know what problems to avoid and how to bring about a better experience for all of you. In this article, we will reveal information about the potential date of the tournament, the possible maps that will be chosen, and the number of players that can participate. Continue reading