The EU Qualifier – Round 4 Roadmap

We are getting so close now to the Semi-Finals as we are left with 8 teams only. We can promise you that the Semi-Finals will be extremely action-packed but we won’t spoil why! Round 4 starts as of now and once these matches are completed then we will announce the Semi-Finals and livestream the matches. In this post we have added an updated bracket and a poll for you to vote on the team you think will win.

From the teams that remain, there are two that are big rivals, Phoenix Reign and Hammers Uprising. If those two meet in the Finals, it will be one anticipated crazy match that we long to see. Both have played professionally and demonstrated unusual talent during their matches, so we are curious on what happens if they meet, aren’t you?

We have also included a poll but this time it is different than before. From the 8 teams available, we want you to predict which team will win the EU Qualifier. Do you think you have the insight to look into the future this far? Finally, you can view the latest bracket below.

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