The EU Qualifier: Team Spotlight – ConfidCZ

One of the Quarter-Finalists for EU Qualifier is ConfidCZ. Tomorrow, they will be going against Team Phoenix and the winner will advance to the Semi-Finals. ConfidCZ was created by a group of friends from Czech Republic on September 2016 with the goal to become one of the leading clans for mobile gaming.

This team has been a fan of Critical Ops since it was released and the players have been training almost everyday so that they can win the EU Championship. When the clan was first formed it had 3 players and now it consists of 8 talented players.

According to the leader, the name ConfidCZ was derived from the word ”Confidential” as they like to remain a mysterious team in the virtual world. They are definitely the underdog in the battle against Team Phoenix but they are highly-spirited and plan to show the world that a small and new team like theirs can make it to the top one day.

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