Critical Ops: World Cup Tournament – Format Revealed

Here comes the World Cup Tournament, ladies and gentlemen! How long did it take us to arrive this far? It took over half a year to organize and host the Regional Qualifiers. Throughout this time, we selected some of the best teams in the world to be invited to our World Cup Event. Let’s discuss how the format will be like.

World Cup Settings
  • Starting March 5th
  • 4vs4
  • 64 Teams Invited
  • Round 1, 2, & 3: Best of 1
  • Round 4 and Semi-Finals: Best of 3
  • Finals: Best of 5
  • Maps: Bureau Except Finals

Apart from the standard format that was implemented in the Qualifiers, we are adding some interesting features. Starting from Round 4 to the Semi-Finals, all matches will be based on Best of 3. Since it is the World Cup and happens once in a year, we decided to have the Finals based on Best of 5.

64 teams have already been selected by us so there is no open application for this event. The teams will be announced this week and our World Cup schedule will be revealed shortly after. Of course, most of you have been curious about the prizes and we announced some of them yesterday. We have not finished revealing all of our prizes but you can see what we have so far by clicking here.

This is no ordinary tournament; there are a lot of companies that have invested into this event, a lot of hard work and preparation has been poured into it as well. We advise all players to start preparing because they will be representing their team and the world will be watching every second of it.

Finally, our unending thanks and gratitude goes to the Community, Critical Force, Gamma Labs, Fliffr, and everyone who has contributed to the making of this event.

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