Critical Ops: World Cup Tournament – Round 4 Roadmap

As we enter Round 4 we find ourselves amidst titans that will not take a loss for an answer. 8 teams are left and we cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. In this post we will inform you of the matches that will happen on Saturday’s stream, the updated bracket, and some information regarding King of the Arena Tournament.

The four matches that are left for Round 4 of the World Cup Tournament are the following:

  1. Team Phoenix Reign vs GankStars
  2. Theocracy vs Armor Empire
  3. Redemption vs Sector 7
  4. Carbon vs HMRS Uprising

Two matches will be streamed since each match will be Best of 3. The matches selected for stream are Team Phoenix vs GankStars and Theocracy vs Armor Empire. The other two matches will be completed throughout the week.

Following the two matches on stream we will also hold matches from King of the Arena as well. As always, the stream will start on Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time through the following channels: Twitch, Mobcrush, & YouTube. View the updated Bracket for Round 4 below.

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