Critical Ops: King of the Arena (Season 2) – Register Now

Last time we announced King of the Arena Tournament, it received so much positive feedback that we had to announce another one. This time, however, it will be as we promised: Bigger, Better, & Bolder! Last time we allowed 50 teams to participate but this time, we are accepting 100 teams! This tournament will have the largest number of participating teams in Critical Ops History.

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Gamma Gold Giveaway – Win A Gold PS4 & More

Did you enjoy our last Gamma Giveaway? Well, there is much more for you to win! Our Partner Gamma Labs is announcing a new giveaway with amazing prizes for the winners and we at MOBILE E-SPORTS® are proud to inform you of this amazing opportunity. There will be a Grand Prize Winner and 5 Runner-Up Winners. Interested already? Let’s discuss what you will get if you happen to be one of these lucky winners. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 4 Roadmap

Round 3 was one of the best streams in a long time. The matches played literally left viewers on the edge of their seats. That is exactly the kind of impact we want Critical Ops matches to have on the audience. Now we enter Round 4 with four matches scheduled to be streamed for this weekend. The winners will secure a place in the Semi-Finals and we believe it will be a great event to behold.

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Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 3 Schedule

Round 3 has been the centre of discussion by the Critical Ops Community. There are powerful teams facing each other on Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time and so much for either side to win or lose. As you well know, we selected 4 matches that will be worth your time this weekend and all you need to watch them is your popcorn. Can we expect close matches, unexpected comebacks, or even epic moments? We will find out soon.

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G FUEL Sale – Get 40% Off Your Purchase (Limited Time)!

Today, we are announcing the best deal that you can possibly have when buying G FUEL products! Starting from Tuesday (June 13th) until Thursday (June 15th), you will be able to use our new code ”EsportsMobile40” in order to get 40% off your entire purchase! This is only possible for a limited time since it’s an exclusive deal. Make sure to visit G FUEL’s website at in order to purchase. Continue reading